United States History (Unfiltered & Uncompromised)

An Accurate and Uncompromised Course on United States History

Course Objective

The objective of this course is to cultivate critical thinking skills of students, in preparation for college level work via examining historical events and societal situations to promote social justice and community empowerment.

Course Description

This course is designed to acclimate you to college level work via the study of United States history. Specially, reading on a college level (analyzing, interpreting, and responding to text), studying, researching, writing, verbal reflection and discussion on a college level. These objectives will be accomplished by examining historical events and connecting them to contemporary issues of the day. While the primary goal is to equip student participants for college-level instruction as mentioned above, supplementary goals of this course include (1) exposing participants to historical information not yet known, (2) introducing participants to the historical foundations of current social problems, through making connections between racism, capitalism, and sexism (patriarchy), and (3) encouraging (and empowering) student participants to use their voice, using what they’ve learned, to highlight injustice wherever they see it to change their communities and the world. This course is designed to do many things, but at its conclusion, students will be prepared to complete college-level work, equipped to speak on injustice in American society and its connection to American (and world) history, and empowered to begin a journey to defeat the very injustice they call out using academic skills and competencies including:

  • Intellectually articulate one’s thought on any issue in a clear, concise, and cohesive manner.
  • Properly defend or refute an argument, both orally and in print.
  • Examine and reassess one’s core values and belief system.
  • Formulate questions and hypotheses from multiple perspectives, using multiple sources.
  • Use critical thinking skills, enabling one’s function as a lifelong learner, to examine and evaluate issues of importance to all Americans.

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